About me and this website

the short and sweet version

  • I’m a computer programmer living in the Austin, TX area.

  • I’ve published a bit of free and open-source software. You can find most of it on GitHub, to various degrees of utility.

  • You can email me at the address aseipp@pobox.com with questions or comments about the content here, there, or (I suppose) anywhere! But I can’t guarantee any timely response, I’m afraid.

  • I also have a Twitter you can find.

site design

This website is written (laboriously) with Pollen, Racket, and a lot of elbow grease. Pages include interactive components written in JavaScript, though most pages should degrade gracefully without it. Others will be less conservative I’m afraid.To a first approximation, you might say I try to follow the school of thought behind Matthew Butterick’s computational typography: software to automate layout and typographic decisions.

The fundamental page styling is a modified version of the Edward Tufte CSS layout. It should be legible on any modern browser at most UI dimensions. Please contact me if that’s not the case—yes, this includes reports of typos and busted mobile device rendering.

The fonts used on this page (Equity, Triplicate Code, Concourse, and ADVOCATE) are provided by MBType. That’s why this site looks so good. You can disable/block web fonts if you like—they’re unfortunately bulky—but why not live a little?

The content on this website is available for re-distribution under the CC-BY 4.0 License. Broadly, this means you must give attribution to the original source (me), but you may otherwise use it in your works. This includes the included code, styles, and text. It notably does not include the fonts specified above: those are not licensed for redistribution and are © Matthew Butterick. (Check out the MBType Font License for more information.)